Aquesta pàgina està dedicada a persones majors de 18 anys i sota cap concepte vol induir al consum del tabac.

About Us


President: Josep Samitier
Secretaty: Jaume Moradell
Treasurer: Segimon Baulenas
Members: Joan Xifreu, Joan Perona, Joaquin Montreal and Xavi Fernández


The miracles attributed to Saint Narciso are countless. When the king of France, Philippe le Hardi entered our lands leading a mighty army and protected by the Pope’s moral help and devastating and burning down everything he arrived to Girona and besieged it. This situation was very difficult to bear by the inhabitants of the city and our king Pedro’s forces were unable to resolve it. But, behold that one fine day without anyone being able to explain it, from Saint Narciso’s grave covered by a very big and heavy slab, huge swarms of virulent flies came out nobody knows exactly where from. They overflied the city walls and fell like wolves upon the French. Every French guy bitten died instantly under terrible pains. The enemy was seized of terrible panic which led them to run off scattered in all directions back to France. When crossing Col de Panissars they bumped into King Pedro and his men which wage war on them. The battle was fierce and thousands of French soldiers died. Among them was their king. The few remaining men fled to Paris carrying their king’s corpse. From this memorable event on Saint Narciso has been considered the Advocate of the Flies and it is believed that in the days leading to his feast flies are pushier, disturbing and poisonous according to the say:

Around Saint Narciso’s day
Each fly is worth six.
Flies around Saint Narciso’s day,
Each bite kills six.


The purpose of the contest is that the contestants or teams smoke their pipes during the longest span of time possible without lighting it anew which will determine who among all of them has smoked longer. All the contestants must use the same tobacco amount, the same pipe and the same pipe gadgets.


Anyone aged over 18 who is part of a Pipe Club can participate in these contests. The Oganizing Club may restrict the number of participants. This restriction must be given notice at the time of the competition notice.


All participants are to use solely the tobacco selected by the Organizing Club. The amount of tobacco to be used is of three (3) grams.


The organizers will hand over to the participants the pipes to be used at the start of the contest. These pipes will be made of heather, straight, of classical shape with or without replaceable filter and with sufficient capacity for the amount of three grams of tobacco.
The organizers will indicate the exact size of the pipe to be used for the contest within two months (2) minimum prior to it according with what is stated in art. No. 5.
Were the pipe provided with a filter, the participant can remove it.


The jury has full decision-making power and will consist at least of three (3) people:
1. A contest president who will be member of the Organizing Club and who will have the responsibility of designating the controllers, announcing the decisions and the results and if necessary the intermediate times of the contest.
2. Two (2) more people, elected from within the presidents of the Clubs participating or whosoever they would design and named prior to the beginning of the contest.
Each group of ten (10) participants will have to be assisted by minimum one (1) controller. These will ensure the good development of the contest and will supervise the participants all the time using the time registration card situated in front of each one of them to note down the time employed by each contestant.
The controllers will distribute the smoking pipes and other accessories stipulated in art. 23.
They shall ask the jury for instructions as required by the situation.
The jury has the faculty to have a controller stand in for another during the contest should the former one not perform his role effectively. Each contestant will receive a numbered card with his/her name which will be placed on the seat and table designated for him/her.
The participants are solely authorized to use a 15 mm diameter and 10 cm long wood gadget supplied by the organization.


Once the president of the contest gives the starting signal the controllers will provide each contestant with one (1) smoking pipe which, once examined by them will be laid on the table in front of them. All faulty pipes will be replaced.
Once the president of the contest gives the starting signal the controllers will lay a wooden gadget as the one described previously in art. 20 and one (1) tobacco bag in front of each contestant. The participants are not allowed to touch the tobacco before the signal.
The controller will check that only the following objects are laid in front of each participant:
A. One smoking pipe
B. One tobacco bag
C. One wooden gadget.
D. Two (2) matches in a box
E. One sheet of paper A-4 size
F. Time registration card

The contestants must remember the following:
1. The wooden gadget can only be used once the contestant has the pipe in his/her lips.
2. It is strictly forbidden to hit or shake somehow the pipe or by any mean.
3. The stem can be removed from the pipe during a few seconds in order to take away the liquid deposited in it by banging it slightly against the sheet of paper or blowing through it.
4. The sheet of paper can be used to clean the wooden gadget during the contest.
5. The ashes of the pipe can be removed but in no way will be the added to the pipe any tobacco that might have fallen during the manipulation.
6. The contestants are allowed to drink within ten (10) minutes from the start of the contest. Water and glasses will be on the table at the contestant’s disposal.
7. It is not allowed to keep the pipe lighted by blowing on the bowl of the pipe through mouth or nose. This will be cause for disqualification. Once the president gives the start signal the participants can open the tobacco bag and will have five (5) minutes to load the pipe.
Tobacco can only be shredded during this preparation time.
The participants can by no means moisten the tobacco.
The contestants are not allowed to insert in the pipe any product like a piece of chalk, filters or similar.
Once the five (5) minutes elapsed, the controller will withdraw the remaining tobacco.
Once the president gives the start signal, the participants will light their pipes and the contest time will be counted from that moment on.
The contestants will have one (1) minute to light their pipes using one (1) or two (2) matches. The controller will replace any broken matches or those which won’t light.
The contestant whose pipe goes out must handle immediately the time registration card to the controller. Might the controller suspect that a pipe is off he is absolutely authorized to ask the contestant to exhale the smoke. If the pipe is completely off and the contestant has not followed the indications of art. 31, the controller will require the Jury to disqualify the contestant for not abiding by the regulations of the contest.
The disqualified participant will handle his time registration card to the controller.
In case that the pipe will burn the participant will be disqualified by the Jury.


Registration fees for the contest will be established by the organizers; each contestant must proceed to its payment within the delay fixed by the organization and those fees are nor reimbursable. Last minute registration or substitutions can be accepted or refused by the organizers. In addition to the registration fees each contestant must pay the additional expenses that might be attributable to him/her. These will be non reimbursable as well.


The winner will be the contestant or team who/which will have smoked during the longest time without having burnt his pipe and without the infringing of any of the established regulations. The jury will examine the pipes corresponding to the five (5) first place winners.